Let's Register Your Diamond
The Museum of Named Diamonds now invites consumers to name their own diamonds, and register them in the Museum, along with the diamond’s story.  To register your own diamond, please fill out the 5-minute Registration Form below.  Note:  There is a $100 registration fee required to complete the process, or you may use a pre-paid Museum Registration Gift Card.
Let's Begin
Does this diamond belong to a couple or an individual? *

Most diamonds in the museum belong to married or engaged couples, but many belong to individuals as well. Which group do you fall under?

Lucky you! What's your name? *

Please give your full name.  Example: Nicole Smith.  This information is not displayed publicly.  It is for the Museum’s records only.
How romantic! What're your names? *

Please give the full names of you and your partner.  Example: John and Nicole Green.   This information is not displayed publicly.  It is for the Museum’s records only.
Who would you like publicly listed as this diamond's "Owners:" *

Example: John and Lucy Smith, John and Lucy S., J. and L. Smith, or "Private". Many users like making it easy for their friends and family to find their diamond, but some prefer to keep their privacy.
Have you already thought up a name for your diamond? *

Every diamond in the Museum of Named Diamonds is given a unique name by its owner. The name you pick can be changed for free within 90 days of registration.

Need help choosing a diamond name?  You came to the right place!  Let’s get the boring part out of the way first: The Rules.

Assuming it does not violate any rules, you can choose whichever name you wish.

However, we at MoND believe every stone deserves a story. We encourage our members to choose names that have a special meaning to them and their relationships.  Naming your diamond after a meaningful memory “connects the diamond to your relationship.” In this way, naming a diamond makes it more personal and meaningful than it already was.  A good way to determine the best name for your diamond is to consider names that others have chosen, and why.

Example 1: Autumn Leaves

This name was chosen because the guy was smitten by the woman when he saw her dancing to the song "Autumn Leaves".  Note: Custom made artwork reflecting the diamond’s name, like the image below, is available for any diamond in the Museum.  Service fee applies.

Example 2: Strawberry Harvest

This name was chosen because the money the guy used to buy the diamond, had been saved from years before when he worked in the summer picking strawberries.  Years later, when he had more money, he asked his bride if she’d like a bigger diamond.  “No way,” she said.  “This diamond came from your strawberry picking money.  That makes it more special than any other diamond could be.”

Example 3: The Sea Otter

This name was chosen because, like sea otters who hold hands while floating at night so they don’t get separated, this couple sleeps holding hands as well.  They don’t wish to get separated either.

Example 4: The Harlech Diamond

This name was chosen because the groom proposed to his bride while they were on vacation in Wales, visiting the ramparts of Harlech Castle.

Example 5: Silverton Shine

This name was chosen because the couple was hiking in the mountains near the town of Silverton, Colorado, when the guy said: “Check out this cool rock I found...”

Example 6: The Working Woman

This name was chosen because the diamond was a symbol of the owner's career success, and a celebration of landing her dream job.

Want some more ideas to get the creative juices stirring? Consider these possibilities:

Still not sure?  Here are the kinds of things that can make a good diamond name.

"Okay, I've seen the rules, examples, and a number of ideas. I'm almost ready but what if I choose a name my partner doesn't like?" *

It’s not a problem.  Choose a name now, any name, and the Museum provides a 90 day “re-naming option” at no cost.   Details will be provided after you register your diamond.

Great! What name did you choose? *

{{answer_42770180}}, that might be the best name we've heard yet, why did you choose it? *

Please include at least one sentence explaining the significance of the name, {{answer_42770180}}, and why it was chosen.  Example: “I chose the name River Song for my wife’s diamond, because we both wanted to name it after a date we had by a river in Austin, Texas where we fell in love.” Note: The Museum Curator reserves the right to make small text edits, typo-corrections, etc. to any information provided, before it is published in the Museum.
Where did {{answer_42770180}}'s journey begin?

If you don't mind, we'd love to know the name of the jewelry store where the diamond came from, Example: Ginger’s Jewelry, Mankato, MN. By default, we won't share this information on the museum, but we might let that jeweler know that one of their diamonds has been registered.
Would you like to share the name of that jeweler on your diamond's page?

This is not required, but it's a nice gesture and a great way to become one of your jeweler's favorite customers.
What is the shape of your diamond? *

How many images of your diamond would you like to share on its Museum page? (1-5) *

Please upload one or more appropriate images, to associate with the diamond.  Note: You must upload at least one image, but you can change it later, add others, etc. Any image can serve as a placeholder. A close-up of the ring is recommended.  Other suggestions: A photo from the wedding, the honeymoon, or other memories.
So what does {{answer_42770180}} look like? *

Please choose an image, to associate with the diamond, {{answer_42770180}}.  A close-up of the ring is recommended. Again, you must upload at least one image, but you can change it later, add others, etc. Any image can serve as a placeholder.  Other suggestions: Photos from the wedding, honeymoon, or other memories.
Upload a second image:

Upload a third image:

Upload a fourth image:

Upload a fifth and final image:

Congratulations!  After completing this registration form, you may now finalize your diamond’s registration.  You will be asked for either a credit card number to cover the $100 registration fee, or the voucher number from a registration gift card.
Finalize my diamond's registration
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