The Museum of Diamonds provides a free and convenient place to not only showcase your diamond, but also to preserve and share special memories about your relationship—things which your friends and relatives would enjoy knowing, and which shouldn’t be lost.
Once you've answered all the questions and provided an image, the content you've shared will appear in a museum page like the one below:

After finishing this form and clicking “submit” we will save your information, and send you an email with instructions for uploading one or more images, and for naming your diamond, if you wish to do so. When we receive at least one image, your Museum page will go live, and you will be sent a URL where you can see it.

Each of the seven questions below may be answered very simply, with just the facts. But we encourage you, with any or even all of the questions, to share whatever you like beyond that. Include a funny story, a favorite memory, your emotions and how you felt, anything at all that you are comfortable sharing with others.

At any time, you may go back and change your answers or add to them. Although closing this window before hitting "Submit" will erase your answers. One spouse may answer these questions, or both together. Have fun!

What are your first names? *

E.g. Connor & Sarah. We ask for only your first names because it allows friends to identify you while protecting your anonymity.
How did you meet?

What first attracted you to your spouse?

Where was your first date? How did it go?

How did the proposal happen?

When and where was your wedding?

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

What else would you like to share about your romance? Is there a special memory, or an amusing anecdote?

Thank you for taking the time to register your diamond and share your story. We'll send you an email within 48 hours asking for images (of yourselves or your diamond) to pair with your story, and you'll soon be able to share your page in the museum with friends and family.
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